Commuters dread this week in NYC, with the congestion from the hundreds of diplomats, world leaders, celebrities, business executives, and philanthropists descending on the city for the UN General Assembly, Clinton Global Initiative, and the Social Good Summit.  If you listen past the honking horns in midtown, conversations crucial to our global future are taking place on topics ranging from war & security, to girls empowerment, education for all, LGBT equality, the climate crisis, and the responsibility of the private sector for public good, to name a few.  I had the privilege of covering Mashable's Social Good Summit and wanted to share 5 highlight moments from the incredible lineup of inspiring speakers & panelists.  

Slide11. Malala Yousafzai, the 16 year old advocate for girls' education who was shot in the head in her native Pakistan by the Taliban expressing gratitude for all she has and all of the support she has received.    She followed up with the beautiful comment "There is a difference btwn a Talib and a peaceful person. A Talib chooses guns. We choose our voice."  Her father, sitting beside her on stage, voiced his support for girls around the world and his daughter, "  "In many parts of the world, when a girl is born, her wings are clipped...but I dreamed for her." Check out the newly launched Malala Fund for girls education.





2. Anastasia Khoo, the Marketing Director for the Human Rights Campaign on the viral "Turn the internet red for marriage equality" social media campaign and how individual Facebook users, one at a time, choosing to change his/her  profile picture to the now iconic red equality sign, gave strength, hope, and comfort to millions around the world.






3. Claudia Chan on the importance of female role models and  women promoting, sponsoring, and mentoring other women in the workplace.




Slide44. David Milliband, President & CEO of the IRC with a powerful statement on the individual + the crisis in Syria.





Slide55. Former Vice President Al Gore on "winning the conversation on climate change," but a sentiment that is broadly applicable to all of the conversations happening this week at the Social Good Summit, the Clinton Global Initiative, and the UN General Assembly.



- Yael Silverstein, Director of Products & Marketing, Inspiring Capital