Hacking West Side Campaign Against Hunger's Marketing Challenges

Hacking West Side Campaign Against Hunger's Marketing Challenges

By Tadd Wamester, Director of Organizational Learning & Transformation

We recently hosted our first Social Impact Hackathon at Robin Hood. The event brought together a group of incredibly talented & creative "hackers" from diverse backgrounds including design-thinking, innovation, philanthropy, corporate citizenship, and technology, along with nonprofit leaders from workforce development, food security, and sports education programs to design new solutions to pressing challenges and opportunities that three amazing NYC-based impact organizations are currently facing.

The topics that we investigated, ideated, and prototyped were:

The session deepened participants' understanding of design thinking strategies, motivated individuals to further explore this topic and how to use their business skills to create impact, and brought new ideas/perspectives to the participating organizations. It was wonderful to watch new connections being forged, strategies being quickly tested and refined, and plans being made to continue the work beyond this 2.5hr event. These type of events benefit both the individual and the organization in so many ways. For example, it has been shown that "inspired" employees are 225% more productive than "satisfied" employees. Social Impact Hackathons are one experiential component within our highly customizable corporate learning & employee engagement programs.

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Inspiring Capital is excited to host these events on a quarterly basis, and we are currently looking for corporate partners and nonprofit organizations who want to participate in future Social Impact Hackathons. Let me know if you are interested in exploring what a Social Impact Hackathon might look like at your organization or employer. This can be a wonderful opportunity to connect learning, service, and innovation as we work together to Power Purposeful Growth!

Learn more about our innovative work with nonprofits and social enterprises by checking out our Case Studies from last summer's Inspiring MBA Fellowship projects. We are currently recruiting this summer's group of amazing impact organizations who will be matched with top purpose-driven MBA's for a summer 2018 project. Let us know if you are connected to an organization that is looking to scale or assess their impact, enhance financial sustainability, or explore earned-revenue strategies. Inspiring Capital's hybrid training & consulting model provides numerous options for partnership.