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The job market as we know it is changing, rapidly. Organizations need to be much more agile and so they’re looking for employees to be more so too. Expertise has become more important, not simply experience. You need to be clear on what expertise you have, and what you want to do with it going forward.

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Whether you want a brand or not you have one, so it's best if you control and define yours the way you want to. Personal brands allow individuals to differentiate themselves by articualting their unique value proposition. if you don't stand out online, your competition will. But many of you will be asking yourself how can you do this. There are many options out there - LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, a website (AKA your live resume). Think about what your tagline is, who you should be following in your industry and even buy your domain name! 

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According to LinkedIn 85% of jobs are found via networking. This shows that roles are not being posted online but being filled either internally or through a referral from a trusted source. You not only need to know how to grow and use your own network, but also how to access a network that can provide a backdoor to the hidden job market.