As an organization built around catalyzing impact, one of the biggest wins for us is to see the incredible (and tangible) results that come from putting like-minded, purpose driven leaders in a room. Our 2017 Kickoff at Research Triangle Park in North Carolina was a fantastic evening spent with more than 65 professionals and students from over 50 different organizations and 4 local universities, all coming together to share ideas on social impact, learn from one another, and make new connections to accelerate their work.

During the event, 7 remarkable organizations* each led an hour of in-depth conversations in small breakout groups about their unique missions, impact models, and the questions that keep them up at night. One participant described the activity as “thoughtful, insightful, and effective." Crowdsourced solutions and suggestions to our organizations’ challenges have already led to:

  • One attendee's idea for attracting millennials as clients being presented to an organization’s board as a proposed new initiative for 2017.
  • A sales meeting for one of the presenting organizations with a corporate client that will help expand the impact of both organizations.
  • The creation of a more robust network for early stage entrepreneurs as they approach their first round of investment.

It's amazing to see how the power of conversation between diverse members of a community can have an immediate impact on the social sector. One description of the attendees from the evening describe a group that was “diverse, engaged, and ready to create positive change in their community”. Our IC team was inspired (pun intended!) and invigorated to see such collaborative and open discussion amongst the diverse set of attendees, and more excited than ever to continue the rollout of our programs in North Carolina in 2017!

* Thanks to our presenting impact organizations: Leadership Triangle, Bee Downtown, Blinded HR, Protopia, Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation, Carroll’s Kitchen, and HealthBeM.

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