Our new Professionals Program has been over a year in development. As we launched our MBA, Undergrad, and Women's Re-Inspiration programs over the course of the last 4 years, our team constantly fielded inbound requests from professionals who didn't neatly fit into one of the demographics these programs represented. As we rethought our customer segmentation to expand our social impact training, we realized something important: purpose-seekers are a psychographic, not a demographic.

We've long experienced the value a diversity of perspectives brings to a discussion, since our whole model is built at the intersection of for-profit and non-profit. So, when we set out to build our first program for working professionals, we decided to be deliberate in integrating two populations that are often divided in the workplace: Millennials and Boomers. The time is ripe to engage both populations. There's been abundant coverage this year on Millennials prioritizing engagement over income. As this Gallup study found, "for this generation, a job is about more than a paycheck -- it's about a purpose. Despite the financial constraints many millennials are experiencing, they still place jobs that allow them to grow, develop and do what they do best over jobs that supplement their income."

Concurrently, more companies and nonprofits are seeking to engage the growing "encore" population of those approaching retirement. A NYTimes article this week reports on the increasing number of "boomerang retirees" who return back after testing the waters of retirement. The article is particularly interesting when it speaks about the value these employees add for their junior counterparts: "Perhaps most important, management realizes that the biggest value of boomerangs lies in teaching the formal and informal ropes of the business to newer generations of workers."

The teaching can go both ways (see another NYT piece on reverse mentorship), and that mutual mentorship is what we seek to cultivate while simultaneously engaging both demographics in a curriculum rife with case studies and healthy debate about the best practices and current trends in the social impact sector.

The fellowship launches January 31 in NYC with a 5-session evening workshop series where professionals will meet in person with Inspiring Capital staff to review cases, engage in personal and professional development workshops, and network. The fellowship also offers a year's membership in Inspiring Capital's expanding sector network-- which includes curated networking events with industry professionals and the option to participate in Inspiring Capital's sector-specific consulting services on behalf of nonprofit, social venture, and corporate clients.

We're offering a massive scholarship for those early adopters who enroll before January 1, 2017-- so if you're interested, make sure you apply this week to receive $500 off of program tuition and a follow-up call from an IC staff member to talk through the alignment of the program with your professional and personal priorities.