One of the interactive activities at our 2017 Kickoff event was rapid brainstorming "quick wins" for the year for each attendee to find small ways to make an impact from their current roles. Here are some of the quick wins they came up with:

  • Leverage $10,000 to a new womens issue in 2017 through a new financial product
  • Increase my thought leadership -- don't be afraid to put out some new training
  • Reach out to people I don't know and learn more about what they do and how they got into it
  • Leverage relationship with a radio show I know to connect with social impact orgs 
  • Help victims of financial abuse
  • Help elder scientists to implement and make alive their ideas through tech and modern tools
  • Meditate 5x/week
  • Help teachers budget their lives
  • Volunteer with an environmental org
  • Network within my own organization and see the value in existing relationships
  • Find out who works in sustainability at my company
  • Make sure the charity I am on the board of chooses an investment advisor who cares a lot about climate change & other factors
  • Support the refugee community with unique skills, find roles for refugees through network

What's your "quick win" for 2017?