After being selected from among 17 compelling semi-finalists, the six ventures selected as finalists had just under a month to prepare their final pitches for the competition. Each used a consulting session with Inspiring Capital alumni, staff, and advisors to prepare a pitch that integrated proof of their viability, impact, and their ability to use human capital in a transformative way.

Each venture presented their final pitches to judges Ariane de Vienne and Charlie O'Donnell. Using their decades of experience in impact investing and venture capital, the judges were ask to select a single winning venture to receive an infusion of human capital in the form of Inspiring Capital consultants for a full year. Additional evaluation was provided by Ben Overton of Thomson Reuters Foundation, who has agreed to benefit the winner with admission to TrustLaw, their pro bono legal consultancy. He was joined by Emma Riccardi of Brunswick Group, a global communication and corporate relations consultancy who will provide additional advisory to the winning venture.

After intense deliberations, the judges selected SilverBills as the finalist. Founder Marci Lobel Esrig, a graduate of IC's Women's Program, pitched to an audience of over 100 attendees about her mission to help seniors age with dignity by providing a billpaying service that offers them and their loved ones peace of mind, security from fraud, and prevents loss of utilities and eviction. Marci plans to use her IC consultants to help her prepare her business for growth by consulting on a pricing model, expansion plan, and strategic marketing. The judges expressed their enthusiasm for Marci's proof of concept, offering their own confidence in her ability to address a growing need in the American market.

Though they did not win the complete consulting package, the five other 2016 finalists will still remain a part of the Inspiring Capital network and reap the benefits of their participation in this event, including quarterly cohort meetings, and continued access to professionals from Inspiring Capital, Brunswick, and TrustLaw. 

We created the Pitch for People competition to make our consulting services accessible to early stage social ventures that are addressing some of the world's most complex social problems. If you'd like to join us in making our talent accessible to these organizations and are interested in sponsoring talent on their behalf, please email

Congratulations to SilverBills, and to all of the ventures competing in the 2016 Pitch for People!