The answer is a resounding “Yes!” for a growing percentage of professionals, young and old alike. In some circles, a potential new employer’s “social impact” is now just as important to consider as its compensation plans and broader reputation.

This search for a deeper sense of “purpose” at work certainly isn’t new. But in the last decade, we have seen a resurgence of interest in (and creation of) organizations that are committed to traditional profit-driven “success” and to having a positive impact on the world.

What’s at the root of this rising demand for socially-conscious business?

Whether it’s the influential “one-for-one” model of profit sharing used by Toms, the inspired “Open Hiring” policy of Greyston Bakery or the crowd-sourced problem solving of OpenIDEO, successful new models are emerging that prove that “doing business” and “doing good” can be synonymous.

Great. But where do I come in?

The global social impact sector is evolving so rapidly that it can be difficult for job (and fellowship!) seekers to understand their options.

Our first and flagship offering, the Inspiring Capital Summer MBA Fellowship, is a 10-week hybrid consulting and training program that immerses first-year business students in the social impact world through hands-on work experiences, structured learning and network building.

The fellowship (based in NYC, also now in Raleigh, NC!) is designed to open fellows’ eyes to the varied opportunities, approaches and attitudes that make up the “social sector.” Our fellows work directly with client organizations to solve real problems--think: Earned Income strategy, operational efficiency, financial analysis–while honing their skill sets and career goals through over 100 hour of training.

This summer, we’re also thrilled to be recruiting for the National Parks Business Plan Internship (BPI)--an 11-week program where interns live and work in some of America’s greatest cultural treasures. The BPI program is open to all interested graduate students--not just first-year MBAs.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to use your business acumen for good this summer, consider applying for one of these two fellowships today!

APPLICATION DEADLINE for both fellowships: December 12, 2016

Learn more about Inspiring Capital’s summer fellowship.

Learn more about the National Parks Business Plan Internship.