Inspiring Capital started as a consulting firm for nonprofits and social ventures, knowing that access to business skills would help change-making organizations work more efficiently so they could do more good. That belief hasn't changed, but we've found that the largest demand is actually from the talent pool itself -- private sector professionals want fulfilling work, but struggle to find purpose in their day job or part-time volunteer opportunities. Abundant research, most recently from Bain [link to HBR December article], shows that people who aren’t engaged in their work are drastically less productive, AND more susceptible to Alzheimer’s, depression, and other health risks

The training programs we run (currently for MBAs, undergrads, and women re-entering the workforce, and soon young and about-to-retire professionals) help participants gain 1) clarity about what issues they care about most, how they want to invest their time and skills, and how they work most effectively; 2) cases of the industries, organizations, and initiatives working for social and environmental change to understand the best practices and challenges of working toward a larger purpose; and 3) connections to like-minded peers as well as experts and potential mentors or employers.

Candidates for and participants in our programs have doubled each time since we started in 2014. They’re coming from places like Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, McKinsey, Citigroup, Teach for America, Rockefeller Foundation, and other top universities and firms. They’re smart, humble, hard-working, thoughtful, and committed to making the world a better place through an ambitious professional career. According to this Forbes article, they’re the kinds of people you want on your team. And they say things like, “I have never felt more inspired to work my very best and hardest for an organization,” and “[IC] is the kind of team for which you authentically feel inspired to go the extra mile.” On the other hand, our clients have said, "we truly value the new tool that [our IC fellow] developed, as it will be helpful to us immediately and going forward, and we never would’ve gotten it on our own at this time."

What does this mean for you?

We all have a special project that would change the game for our department, or our whole organization. But it just doesn’t get done - maybe there’s no one with the required skill set, or maybe you’re just all too overloaded to take on something else. We’ve been there. Which is why we offer a full service approach, recruiting, training, managing, and inspiring incredible business professionals to work for you. We make our network available to them (and you), so you’re not just getting a fellow - you’re getting access to the deepest, broadest network in social enterprise. 

Don't perpetuate the same problems your organization had last year. (In your first year of business? Great - our pitch for people will make our professionals accessible to early-stage ventures. Applications due February 20.)

We have over 50 professionals at varied levels, including BA, CPA, MBA, JD, MPP, and diverse industry experience. They're former CEOs, CFOs, analysts, Executive Directors, sales professionals, HR managers, marketing execs and more. Isn't it worth seeing if they could help take your organization to the next level this year? Set up a conversation with us today to see how one of our professionals could accelerate your growth and impact--whether they're with you for 8 weeks (like Clara was at Fiver Children's Foundation), or they're your next CFO (like Caleb at KIN Travel).

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