Inspiring Capital’s fundamental operating principle is the conviction that organizations with a mission to do good must also be run like good businesses. In other words...

  • design products or services that offer consumers value they’re willing to pay for,
  • deliver that offering in an efficient way,
  • earn and spend money efficiently, and
  • engage and develop employees to perform and collaborate to the team’s best potential.

Our goal is to ensure that businesses with a purpose other than just maximizing profit have the same access to the talent required to achieve this level of performance, and our service offering for clients reflects that goal. However, many organizations working effectively toward a worthwhile purpose can't afford our services during their early days when they need us most! 

And so, we are hosting a competition for high-potential purpose-driven organizations to win a high-octane package of our talent. The participants in our training programs are the next generation of triple-threat professionals: armed with private-sector experience, savvy about the opportunities and challenges of integrating profits and purpose, and driven by an innate sense of purpose.

This April, eligible organizations can compete for Inspiring Capital’s support to take their venture to the next level. The winning organization(s) will receive a one-year consulting package from Inspiring Capital (human capital at this pitch event, not financial capital!). The package includes ongoing project-based support with professionals from our programs and the IC team; quarterly topical workshops based on the winner(s)' needs; and access to the IC network of experts, potential investors, clients, employees, and partners.

To ensure that the Pitch for People competition is useful for all applicants (not just the winner(s)), we designed the selection process to enhance (not distract from!) busy entrepreneurs' ongoing work. The application is based on what early-stage ventures need to be thinking about anyhow to sell their product and/or attract funding to support their growth. All ventures invited to pitch will take part in a full day of workshops and coaching with experts from the IC network. All shortlisted ventures will be given one-year membership in the Inspiring Capital network, including quarterly events and curated introductions.

If you know an early-stage social venture that could benefit from some awesome talent and connections, please direct them to our Pitch for People site. If you're interested in being a Strategic Sponsor by providing additional services for the winner(s), joining the selection committee as a Curator, or sponsoring the pitch night event in April, please contact

Here's to the next generation of social ventures, and the well-trained business leaders they need to make strategic and sustainable change!