The overarching question driving Inspiring Capital's MBA program has always been, "What if the nation's top business talent went to organizations with high potential for social impact, rather than to Wall Street?" According to Poets & Quants, a Bain & Company study demonstrated that MBA's identified impact as a career priority.

Certainly, there are other factors involved in career decisions, and loans and financing make social sector salaries a difficult choice for some students to afford. But if so many business professionals are seeking impact, why aren't they ending up in more impactful jobs?

As we see over and over at Inspiring Capital, the traditional career placement strategies employed by recruiters, Career advisors, and even the job-seekers themselves are not keeping up with the evolving interests of MBA students. There are fewer platforms for MBAs to find work in social impact, and the positions available in the social sector reflect neither the skill set nor the salaries promised by the private sector.

Most importantly, the social sector just isn't prepared to absorb MBAs' expertise, especially in Strategy, Finance, and Operations. As IC founder Nell Derick Debevoise says, "It's not rocket science. It's just a specific skillset that hasn't previously been ubiquitous within the sector." Inspiring Capital's MBA Fellowship program, along with its other professional training programs, prepares professionals for social sector careers through a combination of direct experience consulting for a client and sector training and exposure. 

For the client, it may be the first time they've hired an MBA, or the first time they've addressed strategic, financial, and operational challenges like earned income, program ROI, sales strategies, or scaling. Their experience partnering with an Inspiring Capital consultant expands their understanding of the kinds of skills MBAs can provide their organization, benefits their bottom line, and builds more opportunities for future business professionals in the field. 

We think that's a win-win! If you agree, our application deadline is conveniently still 6 days away. Apply for our Summer MBA Impact Fellowship today: