On November 17, we celebrated the "graduation" of 10 wonderful women from our Women's Program, a 5-week workshop providing social sector exposure, networking, and personal and professional development work. Each woman completed the course with an updated and refreshed LinkedIn and Resume, a 60-second personal pitch about their skills, experience, and future aspirations, and a one-year plan and asset map to help them stay on track. 

Our curriculum was taught by IC staff, assisted by the personal development coaching of Abby Raphel of The Redwoods Initiative and including content developed by our Social Finance thought partners, Cornerstone Capital Group and Diana Ayton-Shenker of Global Momenta We were hosted for site visits by network partners including General Assembly, The DreamYard Project, Per Scholas, Cornerstone Capital Group, and Dstillery.

 We interviewed each participant to learn more about what elements of the program were most useful, which most surprised the women, and how prepared the program had left them to start looking for a career in social impact. All participants reported an increase in confidence and readiness, an expanded network of contacts, and more personal clarity about their own values, goals, and skills.

Here's some of what they said:

"It was more thoughtful and introspective than anticipated. I expected to learn about the social impact space and opportunities there for me (which I did), but I was pleasantly surprised by the focus on presentation, goal setting, and inward searching about myself and where I want to be."

"It's a great spring board to a career in social impact, helpful to learn about yourself, career goals, networking and build community of like minded women." 

“I am much more aware of the reach and possibilities in this space. There is so much, almost too much, to choose from as far as where I think I can add value and be most effective.” 

Congratulations to Rima, Annik, Teri, Cate, Marci, Lisa, Jodi, Allison, Christina, and Miriam! We are thrilled to include you in the ranks of IC alumni, and excited to see where you'll add value next!

For more information about our talent training programs, or to inquire about hiring one of these fabulous professionals, visit our website or email jeff@inspiringcapital.ly.