...That Yours Probably Didn’t 1. Transcendental Meditation Session

To start off the week, Inspiring Capital’s CEO, Nell, brought in her friend Nicole to discuss possible approaches to self care. She explained many companies across the world fail to appreciate their own role in increasing their team’s productivity. Hearing Nell’s thoughtful strategy early in the week motivated me to match that same awareness in my work each day.

2. A Number of Introductions to the Leaders in Social Enterprise

I was introduced to a number of the industry’s leaders including Diane Ayton-Shenker, Jen Field, and Harrie Bakst. It has been so inspiring to hear their stories and reflect on my own goals.

3. An Improv Session

The session’s leaders, Hannah and Leah from Staged Innovations, led the group in a variety of exercises which utilized many of the same skill sets that the upcoming weeks will demand. The most important idea that this session produced was understanding and actually witnessing that creativity requires one to leave their comfort zone. This point was influential in both forming and maintaining Inspiring Capital’s open work environment.

4. A Trip to the Big Apple Circus

After the show, we were introduced to the circus’ general manager and he gave us a tour of the show’s grounds, which included meeting the furry performers (think: giant rat). One of the major themes in Inspiring Capital’s orientation week was being cognizant of the human aspect of our work. This trip was a great way to visualize and experience the important work pursued by our organizations, especially the fellow assigned to work with the Big Apple Circus.

5. A Lesson in Excel’s Capabilities

Two fellows, Jaime, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and Juanita, an MBA from Stern Business School, demonstrated a number of Excel’s functions, including showing the team how to create our own business models. These presentations were really effective in changing the way I think about Excel and how my upcoming projects can benefit.

6. A Launch Party

After work, we celebrated the beginning of this summer’s incubator at the Ava Lounge. This was a fabulous opportunity to introduce my friends to the coworkers and projects about which I had been raving.

7. Lunch and Learn with 1SecondEveryday Creator, Cesar Kuriyama

Over loaded baked potatoes, Cesar told the story of his app, from inspiration to implementation.  Although I have only had this app for a few days, it has really changed the way I approach each day, becoming more aware of my experiences.

8. An Emoji Exchange with my Boss

One of my favorite things about Inspiring Capital is the fun culture that makes me excited to come into work each day. Many times, a company’s mission fails to manifest itself in most practices whereas Yael and Nell have thoughtfully engaged their ideals.

9. An Overview of Storytelling Using Powerpoints from an Experienced Consultant

Clara, a fellow from Columbia Business School, demonstrated her expertise with an amazing presentation that showed us how to construct a successful and compelling narrative using slides. Nell and Yael have constructed an incredible team, allowing every day to be filled with numerous opportunities to learn skills that will be instrumental in my career. Although I will only be here for ten weeks, I see the contacts and information that I am gaining to last much longer.

10. A Company Mention in Forbes

Which can be found here!  It was awesome to see such a credible source recognize the work we will all be doing!

11. Endless Moments of Inspiration

This first week has been full of incredible moments that served as excellent reminders of the life and work that I see myself pursuing. I am so fortunate to have been introduced to a number of passionate people and the ideas and dreams that drive them.

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-Ashley Cohen