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Are you a not-for-profit spending inordinate time planning galas and writing grants that barely cover their own cost of programming? Or maybe you are a B Corp or a social enterprise struggling with bandwidth? You know there are critical projects that would accelerate your impact, but you simply can’t get to them. You don’t want the risk or cost of adding a full time role.

Inspiring Capital recruits, trains, and oversees professionals who want to dedicate their strategy, finance, operations, and marketing skills to building and improving high-impact business models. Our consultants both understand the nuances of the social impact sector and benefit from their differing skill sets. Under our guidance, they provide the bandwidth and expertise you need to better integrate your profit model with your mission.


We are tax status agnostic and work across all sectors, with not-for-profits, B Corps, social enterprises and philanthropic wings of corporations.


We pre-scope, liaise and manage the projects in their entirety, meaning that you can focus on getting your work done rather than getting bogged down in management.

Diverse Skill Sets

We translate business skills to easily usable, actionable projects, avoiding unnecessary business jargon, whilst also understanding the nuances of the social impact sector.


Our consulting services can vary in length and intensity, and we’ll make sure you are matched with the rights skills for your project.



We’ve facilitated growth in 50+ social impact organizations, focusing on four areas of expertise.

Operations, Marketing, and Growth Strategies

Impact Metric Evaluations

Business Development and Financial Modeling

Earned Income Strategies for Not-for-Profits

Inspiring Capital helped us develop an effective go-to-market strategy for our hacking bias workshops. The fact that Inspiring Capital pre-scoped and managed the project meant we could really focus on the task at hand… and get things done! It was a pleasure working with Marcela, who provided us with a useful, fresh perspective. We look forward to continuing our partnership!

Anu Gupta

Founder & CEO, Be More America

Inspiring Capital helped kickoff a mission critical task: our impact measurement framework and data collection process… now a project that we’re investing in taking forward. A professional we have now says that the work was so top notch that it’ll save him two months of work.


CEO, Greyston Bakery