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MBA Social Impact Fellowship

Inspiring Capital’s MBA Social Impact Fellowship is a highly selective, 10-week virtual program that gives participants over 50+ hours of learning, reflection, and practice to grow purposefully into a high-impact professional. Topics covered include latest thinking and practice in social and environmental impactas well as the skills and personal development tools required to navigate a successful purpose-driven career. 

The Fellowship enhances Fellows’ learning and performance during their summer internships, while also providing the lifelong tools required to navigate the less-traveled path of a purposeful career after your MBA. 



Expanded Professional Sector Network

Expanded network through like-minded cohorts, guest speakers, alumni events, and the IC community!

Impact Webinars

Interactive webinars with purpose-driven experts across sectors, industries, and backgrounds expose Fellows to the latest thinking and practice in social and environmental impact.

Professional Development

Over 50 hours of individual and peer learning, guided reflection, and tools and practices to help Fellows grow purposefully into high-impact professionals. Topics include recognizing and mitigating implicit bias; growth mindset; radical candor; resilience; and self-awareness.

Self-Paced Learning & Reflection

Fellows read, watch, and listen to curated content to clarify their unique purpose, as well as their current and potential impact. IC's proprietary Spheres and Spectrum of Impact frameworks help Fellows better understand how to identify and activate that purpose on the Me, We, and World levels.

We have big news! Our sister not-for-profit, the Purposeful Growth Institute (PGI), will now be facilitating the MBA Social Impact Fellowship. CLICK HERE to visit their site and learn more about the PGI MBA Social Impact Fellowship 2022.

I found a greater sense of purpose this summer because of the Inspiring Capital experience. I learned so much from my cohort mates and from the weekly seminars. Inspiring Capital helped to really clarify not only my why, but how to actualize it.

The program challenges you to be open and honest. If you are looking to infuse what you want to do with purpose, IC provides the perfect opportunity to experiment and explore that opportunity.

Emmanuel Chan

Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

Guest Speakers

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