What are you looking for in an applicant?

We are not seeking candidates with a particular background, degree, or previous experience. Instead, our ideal candidates have a genuine interest in making a positive impact on the world, the willingness and self-awareness to identify personal and professional areas of growth, and the cooperative and social skills to contribute positively in a group setting. While admission is competitive and we are not always able to take all qualified applicants for a particular program, we believe in the power and promise of a diverse cohort.

What is the age range and work experience?

Our previous participants have been ages 30-65, and have ranged from who have been out of the workforce for over 20 years, to other women who are currently employed, but want to switch out of the private sector. 

What if I have already had training in one of the areas of your program-- can I opt out of that section?

We strongly believe that in order to fairly advocate on behalf our participants to potential employers, all participants must complete all sections of our program.

Is employment after the training program guaranteed?

It is our mission and intent to help women find whatever form of employment makes the most sense for them upon completion of the program. This may look like a meaningful, well-matched research opportunity for you to get a feel for a workplace, or a full-time placement with an employer in our network, or a series of informational interviews that we've selected specifically for you. However, we cannot guarantee a paying client with needs that suit both the participant's availability and skillset as an externship or a full-time employer.