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Overview: Ample research shows the benefits to individuals and organizations of having, and knowing, what impact they’re contributing to in the world - beyond a paycheck or shareholder value. Inspiring Capital has developed evidence-based frameworks and practical tools to help you help your employees identify and amplify the impact of their work. Come and experience how you can facilitate L&D through impact to better engage, develop, and retain your people.

Key Takeaways:

  • Research shows that connecting the dots between one’s work and the impact it has on the company and surrounding community enhances productivity, as well as mental and physical well-being
  • There are accessible frameworks and tools to help your employees connect those dots between their current work and solutions to larger problems
  • Building impact into your work for productivity and well-being is an ongoing process that employers can benefit from supporting, by offering programming, tools, and internal and external networking and facilitated peer learning

Why It's Important:

  • Employee disengagement costs the American economy $550 billion / year - uniqueness and belonging are the primary drivers of inclusion at work, another big problem facing the US workforce
  • Helping employees connect the dots between their personal sense of purpose and the impact their work has on the company and larger community is a highly effective way to drive engagement and inclusion, leading to higher productivity and retention