Are you considering going back to work after a career break? We'll share what we've learned through the process of helping over 80 professional women find flexible, fulfilling opportunities, and share some real case studies of what's worked, and what hasn't! Whether you're ready to start sending resumes or just starting to consider next steps, join us for some concrete ideas for the best way to move forward.

Join us to find out more about:

• Top tips to help you on your journey to re-entering the purpose driven workforce.
• Recommendations on what steps to take to make the transition more successful.
• Real stories of women who have successfully completed the transition back into the workforce.

This webinar is meant for:
• Anyone who is considering returning to work after a short or long break for whatever reason
• Anyone who is not sure what the next stage in their life looks like.
• Anyone who is actively looking to return to work but is overwhelmed or stuck.