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Do your employees question your organization’s purpose and impact in the world, despite abundant volunteer opportunities? Are they still asking for more professional development, despite the myriad opportunities available on your intranet? You’re in good company. Disengagement costs American employers $550 billion annually, resulting from lost productivity and turnover. Employees struggle to connect the dots between their day-to-day work and its larger impact on the company or community.

Inspiring Capital offers events, workshops, pro-bono consulting opportunities, and an ongoing membership network to help your employees connect those dots. Our offerings can be one-off or combined into our customizable fellowship model.


Lunch and learns, full-day sessions, or workshop series.


Ongoing access to like-minded peers and our resources.


Volunteer and board opportunities with impact organizations.


Interactive, external or internal cross-departmental events.


A combination of our four services, tailored to your organization's needs.


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