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We facilitate the growth of purpose-driven organizations irrespective of tax status or domain. Our belief is that an inspired workforce is the path to prosperity and success in the new economy. Organizations need the most qualified, motivated, and purpose-aligned professionals on their teams. We’ll provide you with inspired talent to catalyze growth.

We understand that purpose-driven organizations often don’t have the bandwidth or the right skill sets to get critical projects done, so we pre-evaluate and scope short-term project based assignments that can accelerate impact without burdening an organization’s existing team.


Operations, Marketing, and Growth Strategies

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Earned Income Strategies for Not-for-Profits

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Business Development and Financial Modeling

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Inspiring Capital’s consultants come from within our ecosystem, which includes a pool of purpose-driven, smart individuals from diverse sectors and functions; all of whom are devoted to amplifying their impact and advancing social and environmental progress. Each of our consultants has been through one of our rigorous fellowships where they learn how to apply their particular skill set to maximizing social impact in the world.

Re-Inspiration Fellows

Private Sector Professionals

MBA Fellows


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What is it?


In an effort to make our consulting model accessible to the organizations that need it most, our Pitch for People competition provides a platform for leading early-stage social ventures to access much-needed human capital.

We offer a high-octane package of our talent to one growing venture each year,  believing in the catalytic power of human capital for early stage ventures.

What do you win?


  • 1 year of Inspiring Capital Consulting, including an MBA fellow and supplemental professionals from other Inspiring Capital fellowships


  • Ongoing supervision from the full-time Inspiring Capital team, quarterly in-person check-ins with workshops as needed, and access to our  network (events, curated introductions to experts and potential investors, clients, employees, and partners)