My experience with IC was incredibly inspiring and humbling. To know that there is an incredible amount of interest and desire to create a world where you can create income and ‘do good’ things is awesome. Connecting with Inspiring Capital was either incredibly good luck or destiny. In either case, I look forward to continuing our partnership with IC into the future.
— - Ernest Duncan, CFO, The Doe Fund
World Fund
You run a spectacular program so congrats to you for adding not just value to nonprofits where it’s most needed, but also for exposing the students to really cool stuff all summer long. I’m really impressed.
— World Fund
Super awesome. [Our IC fellow and SESTI participant] were high quality and a great mix of skills and we [got] a pretty clear deliverable.
Big Apple Circus
We are very grateful to have been involved. We think very highly of you, Inspiring Capital, [our MBA fellow, Juanita], and others on the team who aided in our project (such as the research consultant). Furthermore, we truly value the new tool that Juanita developed, as it will be helpful to us immediately and going forward, and we never would’ve gotten it on our own at this time.
— Big Apple Circus
The hurdles Clara faced were illustrative and indicative to us of something we need to fix. We benefitted from the program across the board, not only from the specific project but also more broadly in using a new way of thinking about our company and about our business... Thank you for everything! We look forward to another great summer next summer. We are sad to see Clara go and might just have to kidnap her…
— Girl Rising
Girl Rising
Public Foundation
It continues to be a pleasure to work with [our IC fellow] - she presents everything in a way that makes it incredibly easy for me to dive right in.
— PVBLIC Foundation
Every day [the IC fellow and SESTI participant] impress me more.
— KIN Travel
KIN Travel