What exactly is the service that you offer?

We offer an innovative package of consulting services and ongoing access to professional talent. We source and train private sector professionals to leverage their business acumen and experience for the benefit of social impact organizations, like you! In return, they gain valuable experience in a new sector, and access to fulfilling and purpose-driven career opportunities.

How do you price your consulting packages?

Our innovative two-sided training and consulting model allows us to provide high-quality professional consulting services at a price far below market rate.  We’ll work together to develop a custom price based on your specific needs, but our services typically range from between $3,000 to $10,000 per month, depending on the type and number of professionals required for the scope of your project. 

If you’re an early stage venture, check out our Pitch for People to see if you qualify to compete for access our services through a unique pitch competition we host annually. 

What kinds of services are included?

  • Recruiting and training of talented professionals (MBAs from top business schools, exceptional Undergrads, highly-educated and experienced women returning to the workforce, and more talent streams coming soon)
  • Focused project scoping with organization leadership
  • Project and professional management throughout the engagement
  • Follow-on implementation support after project execution
  • Access to our training days with industry experts and proprietary content
  • IC events, promotion, and curated network connections for financing and program partnerships.  

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What kinds of projects have clients hired you for in the past?

 Our consulting expertise is specifically within the areas of finance, strategy and operations, but will look different for every organization. Specifically, we've helped nonprofits evaluate and implement earned income initiatives, we've advised social enterprises on growth or go-to-market strategy, and we've worked alongside Corporate Social Responsibility departments looking to align their employee engagement with their mission and values. Our expertise and sector knowledge is as varied and deep as our talent pool. For more examples of client work, see our case studies.

Do you offer full-time placements of professionals, in addition to short-term consulting work?

We are currently working toward building a formalized placement services division. In the meantime, in addition to our consulting services, we also have access to professionals from a variety of private sector backgrounds that may be considered for part-time or full-time placements with select organizations. We're happy to talk through your open positions and see if any of our past program participants could be a good fit for your hiring needs.  Please fill out this very quick survey, and we will be in touch!

How do resource-limited clients find funding for your services?

We’ve seen clients get creative with funding in a variety of ways because of the immense value our services provide, especially within a constrained budget. We’re used to working with organizations across the spectrum of resources and helping them leverage their assets to fund their projects. Many are able to get their nonprofit board to help, either through direct funding for human capital or by asking board members to leverage employee matching to help raise the necessary funds. Many foundations provide management assistance grants, as well. We can help you think about how your organization could attract funding, or how to re-arrange your current use of funds with the expectation that our services will provide massive return on investment.

How are you different from a traditional consultant? Why should I hire Inspiring Capital as opposed to a larger, more well-established consulting firm?

From the beginning, we were built to provide business solutions for organizations that are authentically integrating their profits and purpose.  Our Founder and the rest of our team has lived and breathed that very challenge for collective decades, and remains committed to serving that mission.  We firmly believe that this pursuit deserves the very best resources, and we bring those to bear.  This isn’t something we do as a hobby or as a side project - this is our core mission and our core business model, so when our clients succeed, we succeed!

We have a very innovative model connecting professional training to professional services.  Our professionals are top-tier business professionals - MBA’s from top business schools, Wall Street veterans, marketing executives, lawyers, consultants, business strategy experts, etc. - who have a demonstrated commitment to social impact.

Finally, we have a network approach to everything we do.  We know that change doesn’t happen in isolation, and we have been able to position ourselves at the very intersection of professionals, social enterprises, enterprising not-for-profits, corporates, foundations, and impact investors, who all have an interest in finding each other and working together to create holistic value.  We make direct connections leading to new grants, impact investments, programmatic partnerships, and high-impact hires, all in addition to our core consulting packages.

By working with us, you’re getting access to high-impact consulting projects, ongoing thought partnership, top professionals, and important exposure and partnership connections.  What could be better?