Director of Consulting Practice 

Do you share our action-oriented, partnership-based approach to consulting? Do you agree that there’s a great opportunity in the 21st Century Economy to shape and staff ‘impact gigs’ - short-term projects that apply business skills and insights to social and environmental change work? We’re looking for someone to translate our 4.5 years of learning into a business unit (1 of 3 at Inspiring Capital, a certified B Corp that is Powering Purposeful Growth).

Social Impact Consulting Manager

Do you have the empathetic, strategic, and action-oriented approach to helping purpose-driven clients build business models to create social and environmental change? Are you comfortable identifying problems and scoping projects to solve them, in sectors, functional areas, and industries beyond your core expertise? 

Professional Development Programs Coordinator

Over four years of running programs to help purpose-driven professionals translate their business knowledge and expertise to benefit social impact organizations, we've developed a lot of unique and inspiring content. But, we need someone to help us facilitate an interactive, productive learning environment for the intergenerational professionals across our programs to access and implement that knowledge toward using their skills "for good."