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Facing Forward


By Chandra Roxanne, Consultant & Return with Purpose Fellow '19

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“So, you don’t wanna go forward?” Anna B., RWP Fellow '19

It is the end of day three for the Return with Purpose Fellowship (RWP) with Inspiring Capital and I am sitting on a Metro-North train headed for New Haven, trying to keep my composure. I am disoriented. My challenge for practicing the growth mindset we discussed earlier is simple: sit facing forward — in the direction the train is traveling. I can’t see what’s ahead, or what’s coming round the corner, and it’s unsettling. 

Twelve hours earlier, I was traveling to NY to start our day-long workshop with another RWP Fellow named Anna. Entering the train, we began discussing our seating preferences: Anna must sit facing in the same direction the train is traveling; I prefer to sit facing in the opposition direction. As I explained to Anna my habit of doing things backward like reading books from the end to the beginning — it allows me to assemble the information like stacking legos — she asks “so, you don’t wanna go forward?” Straightaway, her question pierced through the confusion I had been spinning in for the last 18-plus months regarding my life and career. Anna continues, “that’s a whole analogy for life.”

Indeed. Taking time to reflect comes naturally to me. However, taken too far, my daily reflections have led to a deceptively cozy state of stasis. I have been attempting to move forward with much effort, but I have been doing so by focusing completely on past choices and experiences and trying to correct for those I deemed mistakes. Figuratively speaking, I have been attempting to move forward with my back to the future. Now I see that incessantly focusing on past experiences have provided an illusion of control — the past I can see fully. The future, however, I cannot (see). Sure, I can participate in shaping my future. But, in truth, my strategies are not guaranteed to work which is terrifying. 

Nevertheless, I do "wanna go forward." So, today on this train ride back to New Haven, I am practicing a small, yet significant step in reconstructing a new mindset and thereby a meaningful life. Going forward, I will face forward, on the train and in life.