Why We Started

Many solutions are beginning to crop up to assist women re-entering the workforce, but Inspiring Capital's program is unique in its ability to provide fulfilling options that also make a social impact. Since this initial coverage from Forbes, we've run seven successful cohorts of the program in NYC, have expanded the program to North Carolina, and are also opening a chapter in Connecticut.


The Problem

In the U.S., there are 370,000 highly-educated stay-at-home moms. 70% of them say that they'd like to re-enter the workforce, but would prefer to do so in a flexible, fulfilling role rather than the traditional roles they left.

The reason most of them haven't gone back in yet? There's a gap...but not in skills or education. Instead, these women lack an understanding of how their skills might align with potential employers, the confidence to transition into a new sector, and a concrete network of potential organizations they might want to work for.

We set out to design a program that not only provided clarity, confidence, and connections, but that also provided inspiration-- an intangible sense of meaning that actually makes employees 225% more productive, according to this Bain study

How Our Program Works

We Engage Social Sector Employers:

There's a whole new economy of companies on a mission. In lieu of traditional methods of philanthropy, social enterprises harness the power of capitalism--and the skills of private sector professionals-- to simultaneously solve a social problem and turn a profit. These double-bottom line businesses require employees with a broad set of skills, and the women in our programs represent a diverse and versatile talent pool. Given the ever-evolving staffing needs of growing companies, our professionals are a great fit for dynamic and cost-conscious social sector companies who are more likely to have opportunities for flexible work that is also fulfilling.

We Take Teaching out of the Classroom:

Instead of meeting in a stuffy classroom, we meet in the workplaces of innovative social companies.  Our participants get exposure to today's modern workplaces, which have a look and feel notably different from where they started our careers. We feature panel discussions, practical workshops, and conversations with industry experts. These experts share their real-world experiences on trends, best practices, and an inside perspective on work in the sector.



What's Next

To date, we've run seven successful cohorts of the program in NYC, and one in North Carolina, which served as proof of concept for the program's geographic expansion. 

We've sent you an email with the dates, prices and more information about the program and information to setup a call with Nia, our Women's Re-Inspiration Program Associate! 

After completing the program, you'll be granted ongoing access to Inspiring Capital's growing network of potential employers, other alumnae, and inspiring social impact organizations.