We're proud to partner with the following organizations on strategy, finance, and operations projects:


Savvy Cooperative - The winner of this year's Pitch for People competition, Savvy is a social enterprise technology company, in the process of launching a collaborative, solutions-oriented online platform for patients and service providers to interact.

Greyston Bakery - A repeat partner of Inspiring Capital, Greyston seeks to promote the Open Hiring model they employ in their bakery as a method of fair hiring practices across the modern workplace.

Vita Sports Partners- A nascent NYC-based venture philanthropy fund seeking to support the growth and development of Sports-Based Youth Organizations through sustainable capital investment and professional development.

Medtronic Labs - The impact investing arm of multinational medical device manufacturer Medtronic, supporting the development of new health devices and innovative medical interventions in the developing world.

Intellecap - An international social enterprise accelerator that provides investment, advisory, and network support to help scale social impact solutions.

Grace Institute - A workforce development nonprofit empowering low-income women in the NYC area to achieve employment and economic self-sufficiency through a non-racist, strength-based approach to job-skills training and career counseling.

Be More America- A New York-based social enterprise that applies cutting edge cross-disciplinary research to eradicate bias in six industries – Business, Healthcare, Technology, Law & Justice, Philanthropy, and Education – to save lives, improve top line performance, and reduce wasted costs.

Perlman & Perlman- A law firm providing tailored legal services to individuals, nonprofit corporations and trusts, fundraising consultants, professional solicitors, joint nonprofit/for-profit ventures, and social enterprise companies nationwide.

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity - A nonprofit providing educational and career programs to young people from underserved and underrepresented communities to maximize their opportunities for college and career success.



North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center - A nonprofit promoting economic development and entrepreneurship in under-resourced rural communities throughout North Carolina through financial and educational resources.

Compass Center for Women and Families - A nonprofit providing career counseling and financial literacy programming to help North Carolina families become self-sufficient and prevent domestic violence.

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle - A nonprofit seeking to break the cycle of hunger through food distribution, nutrition and gardening education, and culinary training to feed, teach, and grow solutions to hunger in North Carolina. 

Carolina Small Business Development Fund is a nonprofit providing small business loans and financial training to start-ups and existing businesses along with lending services to community-based organizations in North Carolina.

Queen City Forward is a nonprofit with the mission to develop, support, and accelerate social ventures from idea to impact in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, through consulting, mentorship, and network resources.



Welcoming America - A repeat partner of Inspiring Capital, Welcoming America is a nonprofit helping communities achieve prosperity by becoming welcoming to immigrants, through technical assistance, advocacy and training nationally. Welcoming America is based in Decatur, Georgia.

Sophie Connect- An online education platform incubated within the Convent of the Sacred Heart's Greenwich, CT school to promote a broad faith-based curriculum throughout the Sacred Heart network. 

Center for Courage & Renewal - An education nonprofit seeking create a more just, compassionate and healthy world by nurturing personal and professional integrity and the courage to act on it