Women's Re-Inspiration Fellowship

The Inspiring Capital Women's Fellowship is an experiential learning program that furnishes women with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue careers within the social sector and use their experience for social impact. The year-long fellowship starts with four full-day workshops hosted by local social impact organizations. The Career Toolkit portion of these workshops focuses particularly on the case of transition after time out of the formal workforce.

We currently run programs in three locations: NYC, Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. To find out upcoming program dates, pricing, and more for your location, fill out the interest form below:

Inspiring Capital is a proud repeat sponsor of the iRelaunch Return-to-Work Conference.                                                      




Do you guys know the excellent “kids’” book (in quotes as I, as an adult, had to read it every night for like 4 years straight to my cherubs and I enjoyed it every time; up there with Eloise) “Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse”? It comes to mind as the refrain throughout is, “all she could say was wow.”

That’s how I feel about our experience on Tuesday.

Nell and Yael, what a great day, wonderful content, fantastic company and I can’t wait to dive into the post-session Links. And Sharon, thank you so much for your blog post. Among other things that got me buzzing, as I think I mentioned I’ve been talking to anyone who would listen about tapping into the overlap passion of boomers and millennials, and you so called it. For more discussion….
— Cassie Holm
A great way to help organize your thoughts around next steps in your career and how to approach the search. I have … steps that I will take when I leave.
— Women's Returnship Participant
The quality of the programming and the smoothness in the delivery reflects many hours of thoughtful, deliberate and strategic planning.
— Sharon Lewis
I just wanted to congratulate you on the launch of your pilot returnship cohort. You put together a terrific session yesterday — the preparation and thought invested in making this meaningful was very evident. You have clearly identified a niche with this group, some of which speaks to the pervasive inequities in a system that fails to reward/recognize women in all that we do, and leaves so many individuals flailing about as if it’s ‘their fault.
— Rachel Yassky
What a wonderful and inspiring day! Thank you for all your preparation (of which there was clearly a lot!), the juicy content, the goody bags, the yummy food, the fabulous venue, and - most importantly - putting together such a fabulous group of women.
— Women's Returnship Participant

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