The Social Enterprise Summer Training Institute (SESTI) provides highly qualified and motivated undergraduates with unparalleled exposure to client work for thought leading organizations that are integrating their profits and purpose.

Social Enterprise Summer Training Institute

The Social Enterprise Summer Training Institute (SESTI) provides highly qualified and motivated undergraduates with unparalleled exposure to client work for thought-leading organizations that are integrating their profits and purpose.

Each SESTI participant works directly with an MBA fellow to deliver a client project. SESTIs also participate in the IC learning program, with programming the first and last week of the summer and one day a week. Some SESTI sessions are taught at the graduate level, together with the MBA fellows, and others are designed specifically for the undergraduate perspective. The work with and alongside top MBAs, as well as direct client service experience, provides access beyond traditional undergraduate summer opportunities, offering superb preparation for consulting or other social sector roles.


Specifically, over the ten weeks, SESTI participants will gain:

- exposure to the social sector, including trends and related professional opportunities

- network of experts, peers, and near-peers (MBA students)

- teamwork and presentation skills

- client service experience under the guidance of an MBA and the IC team

- project skills and experience depending on your client assignment (may include pricing strategy, impact measurement, financial modeling, strategic planning, branding of social enterprises, etc - read case studies of past client work! 

If you aspire to launch a purposeful career, have demonstrated success in your campus community, and are ready for this level of exposure and responsibility, apply here.

Participants are expected to live in the New York City area for the summer, where client work and training sessions are held. Academic credit can be issued if your college or university allows training programs to qualify as independent study. The tuition for SESTI is $3800. There are limited financial assistance funds available. For more information, email alex@inspiringcapital.ly.

Applications for the 2017 summer program are not open yet, but sign up get more information using the button below!

Personal Development
→ Values Clarification
→ Servant Leadership
→ Skills Identification & Gaps
→ Career Preferences & Needs
Professional Development
→ Teamwork
→ Presentation Skills
→ Research, Synthesis, & Analysis
→ Client Service
→ Project Management
Purposeful Career Launch
→ Understanding of the expanding Social Sector and roles available for undergraduates
→ Awareness of trends related to integrated profits and purpose
→ Access to a network of thought leaders and potential employers



There is a big fear factor that comes into play when I think about leaving a stable job at a well-established and highly regarded company to venture out in pursuit of my passion. But I think that with that risk come significant rewards in terms of experience and my own personal goals—and specifically at Inspiring Capital, not only because the mission is one that I truly believe in for the future of this world, but also because I trust [the team’s] ability to lead the way.
— Undergrad intern, 2014
I love working for Inspiring Capital because I’ve witnessed how much potential there is for philanthropies to have an impact, but often these organizations don’t have the skills or resources to maximize their potential, which is where IC comes in.
— Undergrad intern, 2014
[I got] a lot greater bandwidth of knowledge than I expected. As well as more chances to negotiate work territory on my own. I learned a ton about the huge variety of options – far from narrowing down my focus this actually opened up a whole host of new options (which is great).
— SESTI Participant, 2015
I cannot begin to describe how amazing my internship this summer has been for both my professional and self-development. Especially as I begin looking for opportunities after graduation, I am frequently disappointed that so many organizations lack IC’s flair, integrity, and authenticity. [IC] truly spoiled me. Anything I can do for your recruiting/outreach efforts at Tuck or Dartmouth, please let me know! I’d love to help in anyway I can.
— Undergrad intern, 2014