MBA Fellowship Program

We offer a 10-week summer fellowship for MBA students in between their first and second year of business school. Participants are selected in a highly competitive process, beginning in the Fall, with applications due mid-December , and interviews in January and February.

Inspiring Capital provides fellows with structured learning through speakers, workshops, and two week-long trainings in the summer, as well as one day each week. The other four days each week are dedicated to a client project related to the integration of profits and purpose, scoped by Inspiring Capital before the summer and overseen by our team throughout. Our MBAs also get management experience, being paired with a participant from our SESTI program for undergraduate students.



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Webinar Dates:

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10/27- HBS info session

11/1- MIT info session

11/3-11/5 - NetImpact info session & conference

11/7- Wharton info session & social impact expo

11/10- Kellogg info session

11/15- Georgetown info session

11/18- Georgetown Net Impact Career Day

10/17 - Babson Social Impact Expo

10/19 - Tuck info session

10/24- Yale info session

10/24- Booth info session

10/25- NC State info session

10/26- Babson info session

10/26- UNC info session

Personal Development
→ Values Clarification
→ Servant Leadership
→ Skills Identification
→ Career Priorities
Professional Development
→ Finance
→ Strategy & Operations
→ Analytical Thinking
→ Presentation Skills
→ Client Service
→ Management Skills
Purposeful Career Launch
→ Understanding of social sector
→ Awareness of trends related to integrated profits and purpose
→ Access to a network of thought leaders and potential employers



Accepting a summer fellowship in social enterprise, different from most of my peers’ internships, felt like a big risk. I was sure I wanted to do social enterprise for the summer but I am still figuring out next steps and so I was not sure how this fellowship was going to provide the tools and experience to go for different paths after my MBA. Now I feel that I found exactly what was right for me, regardless of what I decide to do afterwards, this is the type of internship that will allow me to explore different paths and get experience that is applicable and different industries. THANK YOU!
— MBA Fellow, 2014
I have never felt more inspired to work my very best and hardest for an organization.
— MBA Fellow, 2014
Working independently on a project was a unique experience that allowed me to grow. Further, the exposure to the many, many organizations and individuals on Training Tuesdays provided a deeper understanding of the social impact sector - this was invaluable.
— MBA Fellow, 2015
I couldn’t be more impressed with the intentional investment in us, along with high expectations for our involvement.
— MBA Fellow, 2014
[The IC fellowship] boosted my confidence - improved willingness to contribute and participate in groups, opportunities to practice networking. The successful completion of my project and reaction from the client gives me conviction that I can be a useful source of advice and guidance for an organization.
— MBA Fellow, 2015
Overall fantastic quality programming.
— MBA Fellow, 2014
This was amazing! I was not expecting to receive so much from a small organization in the first week, I thought I was going to start working almost right away and receive little attention; I was impressed with everything the team prepared for us, it really inspired me to give my best on the following weeks, the enthusiasm and passion for their work of the IC team is contagious, this is the kind of team for which you authentically feel inspired to go the extra mile.
— MBA Fellow, 2015
I have a much clearer picture of what I could not see myself doing, and what I could see myself doing… The summer gave me the ability to see myself in someone else’s shoes and assess how much I would be fulfilled with that job.
— MBA Fellow, 2015