The primary thing that stands out about working with Inspiring Capital has been the high quality character and integrity of the MBAs in the summer internship program. First class all the way. In addition to their smarts, they have brought dedication and curiosity to their time with us and left work product that has been of impact. They're not afraid to admit what they don't know and dig in from there. We've loved having them!

John T. Kirkland

Senior Vice President Workforce Development & Social Enterprises, The Doe Fund

I’ve been affiliated with Inspiring Capital for over three years, and am consistently wowed by their events and the people. Whether it’s the head of a respected non-profit, a civic-minded recent MBA, or a B-Corp founder, everyone I’ve met through Inspiring Capital shares the energy and clarity of purpose to make a positive impact in their worlds.

Nancy Zola

Director of Social Ventures, Per Scholas